Gray Amethyst Wallpaper

SKU: HC_469537

Why use wallpaper?

Ideal for wall decoration.
It contains an adhesive that allows it to be fixed without causing damage to the walls. Varied colors that will highlight the different spaces of your house.
Useful for decorating small spaces where many furniture or wall decorations cannot be used, such as hallways or bathrooms.
Helps cover wall or wall imperfections, change flat spaces into shiny, eye-catching places. In addition, it reduces the frequent expense of painting.






Width: 53 centimeters
Length: 1000 centimeters
Model: AMATII 631810
Type: Wallpaper
Color: Silver gray
Material. Textile base paper
Use: Decorative
Thickness: 0.5
Finish: Matte
Warranty: 36 months
Origin: Germany
Benefits: The product can be cleaned with a damp foam. Apply neutral Ph soap.


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