Assorted Triptych Box

SKU: HC_322730

Ideal to give color, harmony and modernity to your spaces. You can place it in living room, dining room, bedrooms, star rooms and study. Thanks to its color and design, it achieves a feeling of warmth when decorating your home.

Impose a personal style to every place in your home or office. In addition, it is easy to clean, light and according to different environments. However, remember to take into account the cleaning recommendations described in the product and / or technical data sheet.






Type: Small squares
Measurements: 20×26 centimeters
Width: 20 centimeters
Length: 26 centimeters
Product total weight: 1.7 kg
Features: Checkered – canvas
Material: Pine
Use: Decorative
Warranty: 3 months
Origin: National
Benefit: Decorative and easy to install


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