Calix Anal Cleaning Enema


Cleaning, hygiene and relaxation for a better anal sensation
Get more hygienic relationships with this exclusive and safe product for anal cleaning.

Its ergonomic design with a slight fold helps you hold the cleaner more easily to enhance your user experience. In addition, it is made of very resistant material that gives it long durability.

Calix Anal Shower Enema comes with 3 flexible heads that you can interchange for convenience.




Features of Calix Anal Cleaning Enema

Includes: Enema tube with 3 different shower heads. Does not include hose
Material: Aluminum
7-hole design, effectively increasing the contact area of ​​the water, reducing the pressure of this, and avoiding skin stimulation
Enema tube length: 17 cm
Heads diameter: 2.5cm, 2.6cm, 2.8cm
Weight: 126g


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