Cat Ears Miu


A cute and innocent look!
These sexy little ears come in a synthetic fur of different colors, they are an accessory that allows you to perfectly complement a look, be it lingerie, a bodysuit or any outfit, allowing you to look either tender or very sensual, it all depends on the style you want to project .




-One size adaptable
-4 different styles
-Material: Synthetic fur

There are some fetishes related to cat ears, where it is a trend to give it an animal shape, either a combination of accessories like this and plugs with a fox or cat tail and accompanied by makeup, to recreate the fantasy of elegance, submission and the once dominance of the cat and its master, a game adored by many in BDSM.

Combine sexual accessories like the Miu Cat Eyes to fulfill sexual fantasies.

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Black, Gray, Pink, White


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