Chinese Balls Nova Svakom


Based on Kegel exercise theory, we designed these three sets of balls, which have three incremental weights for different exercise needs. Effective Kegel exercise helps to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscles, improving health and providing sexual benefits and satisfaction. For daily exercise or postpartum recovery, SVAKOM Nova balls are the perfect choice for you.

Nova SVAKOM Chinese balls are made of silicone that is 100% waterproof. Being completely covered in silicone, the balls are waterproof, making the cleaning process incredibly easy.






Single ball dimension (Small): Φ3.6 cm in diameter by 13.5 cm in length.
Double Ball Dimension (Medium): Φ2.8 cm in diameter by 16.2 cm in length
Double Ball Dimension (Large): Φ3.2 cm in diameter by 17 cm in length.
Weight: 49 g (small) – 75 g (large) 95 g (medium)
Water resistance: 100% waterproof
Colors: green, purple, fuchsia
Silicone material

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Green, Pink, Purple


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