Enema for anal cleaning Claus


A product to clean all those hard-to-reach places
The Enema Claus is designed to give you the best anal cleansing experience, while stimulating the same area thanks to its 7-bead design.

Its surface is smooth and safe for the body; In addition, it is very easy to use, you just have to connect and start enjoying your Anal Shower.





Characteristics of the Enema for anal cleaning Claus

-Includes: Enema Tube. Does not include hose.
-Material: Aluminum
-Design of 4 holes, effectively increasing the contact area of ​​the water, reducing the pressure of this, and avoiding a skin laceration
►Enema tube length: 11 cm
►Head diameter: count 1: 1.6 cm to count 7: 2.8 cm

Use and cleaning of the Enema for anal cleaning Claus

Before using your Enema for the first and after each use, you must clean it to avoid the risk of infection and deterioration. We recommend Elixir Toy Cleaner, a special product for optimal cleaning.


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