Initiation Show Kit


Magnificent kits to start a splendid show, alone or in company.





1 Intimate Lubricant Type Cum Climaxxx 490 ml.

It is water-based, therefore, it is edible and you will love its bombombun flavor, it also has a balanced pH, it is ideal to lubricate your area and for a visual pleasure.

1 Wet® Desserts® Lubricant with Banana Foster Flavor 89ml:

Wet® Desserts® lubricants will make you feel different sensations with their delicious flavors ideal for oral sex, sexual intercourse and foreplay.

1 Baru Leather Dildo:

Realistic dildo with suction cup that adapts easily to smooth surfaces, easily so it can be used in different spaces, it is made of super flexible silicone to provide greater comfort during use.

1 Romulus Anal Plug:

This anal plug is the best option to start in the world of anal sex, made in a material that slides easily, without causing discomfort and causing an indescribable sensation of pleasure, ideal for play with hot or cold temperatures and is comfortable enough to take it with you wherever you want.

1 Orus Nipple Liner:

Don’t worry, the liners are safe and exciting. The erogenous zones of your body are those that can generate pleasure or excitement when stimulated. The pressure you apply on your nipples influences the pleasure you can get, too little could not be fun, too much could be scary. That is why these liners are fully adjustable.


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