Joker Anal Ring


All-in-one prostate stimulator!
The design of this toy allows you to stimulate the prostate, delay and achieve longer and firmer erections, the idea is that the anal ring is placed at the base of the penis as if it were a penis ring and the plug is inserted into the anus during the sexual intercourse, so while you enjoy with your partner you can stimulate your prostate with a silicone plug that is soft and easy to insert and also make your erection last longer so that the fun lasts for much longer.





Color: black
Ring diameter: 3.5cm (at its widest point)
Plug size: 11.5cm
Recommendations: Use with a water-based sex lubricant, not silicone. Check out our line of lubricants here.

Cleaning: Articles and toys for sexual use, for hygiene it is recommended that they always be cleaned before and after each use, it can be done with a special soap for silicones, in addition this allows the useful life of the toy to be extended. We recommend Elixir.


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