Kegel Balls Pretty Magenta

SKU: GCJ2366

Features toy


independent sphere.
– Length: 11.9 cm
– Width: 3.5cm
– Weight: 45 gr

double sphere:
– Length: 17.3 cm
– Width: 3.5cm
– Weight: 90 grams

Pink color
Material: Medical grade silicone
100% submersible
Phthalates free




Vaginal balls with ergonomic design to practice Kegel exercises, movements designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

Inside, the balls have a small metallic sphere that is responsible for giving weight and working the muscle.

Each sphere has a progressive weight, the independent sphere weighs 43 grams and another weighs 89 grams.

Ways of use:

First you must use the independent sphere. You introduce it into the vaginal cavity, it is important to do it with the help of neutral lubricant, and leave the small tail outside for easy removal.

Once inside, the idea is to move with them, exercise, go shopping or do Kegel exercises; These movements will cause the small weight carried by each of the balls to hit the vaginal walls and a contraction will occur. The set of contractions is what will gradually strengthen the pelvic floor.

Its use time is 15 to 20 minutes maximum 3 days a week, when you feel that you no longer have to make an effort to hold the sphere inside, it is time to change to the double sphere. You repeat the exercises again but with double weight and to finish the strengthening when you feel that the two spheres no longer generate effort in you, you are going to introduce the independent sphere first and then the double.


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