Kingston SSD 120 GB – Replacement internal HDD

SKU: MO_KIN-001-HDD-120G

About this article
-Fast startup, upload and file transfer.
-More reliable and durable than a hard drive.
-Multiple capacities with room for applications or a hard drive replacement.
-SSD must be started and formatted to allow the host computer and applications to access the unit.
-Use the Windows disk management tool, or the MacOS Disk Utility application or the Linux compatible disk partition utility to initialize and format the new SSD.
-Fresh install OS from distribution media to SSD, or use data cloning software to migrate data from source drive to SSD.




Style: SATA3
Capacity: 120 GB
Kingston Brand
2.5-inch form factor
120 GB digital storage capacity
SATA 6.0 Gb / s hardware interface
Read speed 500 Megabytes per second



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