Kinki Spanking Paddle



– Designs: Analí -Bitch – Heart – Love – Ouch – Slave – Slut – Star – Xoxo
– Colour: Black – pink
– Style: Open – closed
– Material: Synthetic leather
– Size: 32 cm in length x 5.5 cm in diameter




Give those spanks a bigger purpose with these special designs.

This is an essential tool and also very useful for couples who like to go further in intimacy, it has a subtle and elegant design that makes their toys more exclusive. How do you want to mark your lover? Choose between different words alluding to your domain, your love or something else…

This special design allows your contact with the body to be soft, but the sound that is emitted instantly, as well as the skin with the different words that the sketches have.

Additional information


Black, Pink


Analí, Bitch, Heart, Love, Ouch, Slave, Slut, Star, XOXO


«Open» «Closed»


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