Kratos Handcuffs


What kind of jailer will you be?

Will you catch him red-handed will you take your time? Will you read their rights or will you be a despot?
These handcuffs are perfect for couple games. Although we seriously recommend that you discuss it with your partner first. Remember that while bondage and BDSM are generally safe and VERY fun practices, they can be intimidating.

With these beautiful handcuffs for bondage you can subdue your partner and give him a delicious punishment appropriate to your imagination.




-Made of stainless steel
-Includes two keys and safe opening in case of emergency

Recommendations: Use it with an intimate lubricant to make the experience even better.

Cleaning: Wash it before and after use. They can be washed with room temperature water and a mild soap, but we recommend Elíxir toy cleaner. Look it here. Remember to dry it well to extend its life.

Dare to feel different things with your partner!


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