Led Light Ring + Remote Control + Tripod + Cellular Base

SKU: MCO-575309533

– Brand: SKY
– Model: 2020
– Voltage: 5W




Color Led Light Ring 26 Cm + Tripod 1.80 Mts Cellular Base Control.

26 cm light ring with three types of light (white, yellow and combined), you can control the light intensity.
Made of high light transmission plastic materials, which is lightweight, constant color temperature and low loss.
This ring light supports plug-in power, you can connect it with a cell phone charger. We recommend connecting it with an original fast-charging cell phone charger, this is not included. It can help you take beautiful pictures even in places where plug power is inconvenient.

The photography ring light is a good choice for taking better selfies and personal vlogs. Selfie ring light kits add enough light to your face when shooting video, make your facial lines more stereoscopic and clearer.
tripod 1.80

Remember that the remote control is the one that is in the Ring as seen in the product image


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