Lovense Max 2 Masturbador Masculino


Lovense Max 2 Male Masturbator, ideal for long distance relationships and to receive tokens as a WebCam model.

This Male Masturbator is made of soft skin-colored silicone, to give you the sensation of as if you were inserting your penis into a real vagina, its internal texture will give you much more satisfaction, in addition to that it adapts perfectly to the penis and 360-degree vibrations to achieve a greater sense of pleasure.

Thanks to its Bluetooth system you can use your phone as a control, in the same way, it is perfect for long distance relationships as it is compatible with the Nora Vibrator, so you can both experience the same vibrations at the same time.

They are toys that try to simulate real sex in every way so that you can enjoy new sensations. Some of these male masturbators have the appearance of a very real female sex organ.

Its softness, elasticity and easy handling make your experience much more pleasant. What are you waiting for? This Male Masturbator has everything you are looking for to enjoy alone.






Measurements: Length: 24 cm – Diameter: 8.5 cm.

Material: medical grade silicone.



Recommendation: Use this product with a water-based lubricant preferably, lubricants made with other components can alter the material of the toy and reduce its useful life.

Cleaning: For hygiene, articles and toys for sexual use, it is recommended that they always be cleaned before and after each use, it can be done with our Elixir cleaner, this allows to extend the useful life of the toy.


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