Odin Necklace


What better to express how much we are of the other than this sensual necklace with strap?
Ideal for role-playing games related to bondage, ideal for dominant and submissive play, naturally strengthening roles while you play, the leash collar is ideal to take your partner wherever you want to go. Just put the leash on and they will obey your every wish and fantasy.

In addition to this, you can also use the strap to give your partner a light spanking.




-This Sexy Leash Collar comes in Red and Black
-Details: With this sensual Collar with Leash, walk your partner through the sensual and exciting world of bondage!
-Recommendations: Adjust the collar in such a way that your partner has some mobility, so that they can easily change position.
-Cleaning: Keep in mind that in its use large amounts of sweat and some other fluid can be generated, it is recommended that you remove it with a damp cloth. Preferably DO NOT immerse it in water, it may not have adequate drying and may generate bad odors. Clean them after each use for hygiene.

Bondage consists of tying your partner totally or partially by means of ropes, handcuffs, ties, ties, ribbons or any other element that can keep him immobilized. The difference with sadomasochism is pain, because in bondage pain is not or important.

The pleasure in bondage is found in the domination of one person and in the surrender of the other. The tied person is submissive, willing to her partner, at least at that moment when it is being practiced. For this sexual practice, consensus between the couple is important, as well as a high degree of trust and mutual respect, since this practice if not carried out properly can incur in hurting whoever is tied up. It is good that you keep this in mind, but that does not prevent you from bringing out all your fantasies and enjoying great antics.

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Black, Red


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