Personal Cleanner Kit


Incredible personal cleaning kit, always beautiful.





1 Neutral Elixir Toy Cleaner 250 ml:
1 Elixir Melon Toy Cleaner 250 ml:

Designed especially for your intimate toys, it cares for and preserves silicone and other materials, provides a longer useful life to them, our kits offer you neutral and melon (you can request 2 melon or two neutral)

3 Winny Aloe And Vitamin Wet Towels X 100 und:

For greater hygiene we bring you the best products, that is why we offer you 3 fascinating packages of wet wipes x 100 units

3 Lactacyd Probio Intimate Floral Soap X 200ml:

Lactacyd is a liquid intimate soap specially formulated for the daily hygiene and natural care of your intimate parts, it contains an exclusive lactic acid complex called lactoserum that provides complete hygiene, comfort and well-being.

1 Intimate Feminine Soap Grape 280ml:

UVA Intimate Feminine Soap is the ideal solution to wash your menstrual cup and protect your zone V against microorganisms and possible odors. It is gentle with the skin in your intimate area, contains ingredients with moisturizing, softening and hydrating properties that help maintain your pH.



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