Rabbit Mask


Complement your look with our Rabbit Mask

Seduction and eroticism to another level with this spectacular BDSM accessory
The Bali Sex Store Rabbit Mask is perfect to innovate, be the center of attraction or simply complement your costume, as well as being a powerful seduction tool.

It is part of the erotic game that is part of intimacy and is one of the many forms of projection that is used to personify or carry out activities that deal with a characterization. Fetish articles such as masks, masks or objects that cover the eyes, part of the face and even the head, are accessories used in bondage practices.




Its design covers half the face, it has pronounced ears so that you are a real bunny; In addition, it has an elastic band on the back that allows it to fit perfectly to your head without damaging it.

Characteristics of the Rabbit Mask
-Colors: blue litmus – pink litmus – purple – black – rosewood – red
►Total length of mask: 36cm
►Length of ears: 21 cm

Cleaning and storing the Rabbit Mask
Clean your Rabbit Mask with a damp cloth (alcohol-free) to remove bodily debris that may become impregnated with its use. For the inner part in suede you can use adhesive tape. Try not to wash with plenty of water, or expose to the sun.

Do not expose the mask to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Store it in a dust-free place and separate from other items or toys.

Additional information


Black, Pink, Purple, Red, Tornasol Blue, Tornasol Pink


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