Satisfyer One



– Fellow traveler
– 11 intensities of pressure waves
– Whisper mode
– Skin friendly silicone
– Pressure wave stimulation and non-contact clitoral stimulation
– Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included) –




The Pioneer of the 21st Century Female Sexual Revolution

This is our revolution: making orgasms for women a standard.

We know that many women around the world have trouble experiencing orgasm. No more! The idea for a female-focused product was born with Satisfy the search for a product that will change the women-only sex toy market. Air Pulse technology allows you to stimulate the clitoris without any direct contact. This way you can avoid overstimulation or a habituation effect.

“You will not get an orgasm, but a constellation of orgasms”

Satisfyer Uno allows you to enjoy multiple and incredibly intense orgasms in just a few minutes. Through its oval head, innovative suction technology and non-contact massaging action, Satisfyer Uno will provide what is necessary to reach climax.

Features – Operation: Hold down the button in the area with the 4 wave symbol for about 2 seconds to turn on the toy. Satisfyer Uno will then activate at the lowest massage level. Hug the labia to expose the clitoris. Place the head of the toy on the clitoris, so that it is inside the cavity. Once you have found the ideal position, you are no longer moving the toy.

* Tip: Application is even more pleasant with a water-based lubricant. You will get a stronger pulse rate if you use the Satisfyer Uno underwater (eg in the shower or bath). After power on, you can adjust the vibration intensity as you prefer. Press the button in the area with the 4 wave symbol to increase the intensity. Press the button in the area with the 2 wave symbol to reduce the intensity. You can freely choose between 11 intensity levels. To turn off the toy, press and hold the new button in the area with the 4 wave symbol for 2 seconds.

Cleaning: Satisfyer Uno is waterproof and very easy to clean: you can even use a cotton ball to clean the mouthpiece. For optimal cleaning, a special toy cleaner, such as Elixir available in our store.

Storage: Do not expose Satisfyer Uno to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Store it in a dust-free place.


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