Satisfyer Power Balls


With just a few minutes of training a day, you can take personal control of your sex life! Strengthen your muscles and give yourself explosive orgasms. In addition, you will hook your partner with ease: your strengthened muscles will surround his penis with more force, a sensation that he will notice clearly and will make him lose his reason of pure pleasure.

Recommendation: Use a water-based lubricant frequently to preserve the material of which the balls are specifically, the cleaning process is easy, use water and a special disinfectant for silicone this provides a longer useful life of the toys, remember to save for separately and in a cool place at room temperature.

The oscillating metal core inside the balls gives you a pleasant vibrating effect as you move: so you can combine practicality and pleasure.





Set of 3 training balls
Hypoallergenic silicone
Safe thanks to the recovery ring
Diameter: 3.4cm Length: 17cm
Blue (Initial): 60 g
Pink (Advanced): 75.6 g
Crimson (Expert): 91.6 g
Vibration effect thanks to its oscillating core
Pelvic floor strengthening
1 year warranty
It includes:3 balls to do the training
Exercise guide and instructions for washing and storage



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