Sex Machine Simon spare part


Replacement dildo for Sex Machine made of soft, flexible and body-safe silicone. Its particular design is ideal to achieve better stimulation; In addition, its size and thickness facilitate the penetration of the moving toy generated by the control of the Sex Machine.

The spare parts are perfect because you can change the traditional dildo that comes with your machine and have a wide variety of options when using it.

For the best experience, use a water-based intimate lubricant. Do not use silicone lubricants with silicone toys, they could suffer irreversible damage.




Characteristics of the Simon Sex Machine Replacement Dildo

-Material: Soft silicone, body safe, non-toxic
-Skin color

Use your Sex Machine for half an hour and let it rest before restarting again, insert the replacement carefully and, in the same way, extract it so as not to break the pin that allows the adjustment with the base of the Dildo.

Before using your toy for the first time and after each use, you should clean it to avoid the risk of infection and deterioration. We recommend Elixir Toy Cleaner, a special product for optimal cleaning.


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