Talia Vibrating Egg


– Color: This Vibrating Egg comes in Gold, Silver, Blue and Purple
– Details: Its new design stands out for stronger vibrations, this new and improved version of the classic vibrating egg makes it faster and stronger than ever, it is ideal for clitoral stimulation. It comes with a discreet control, with a modern design, specially made to fit in the palm of your hand.
– Measurements: Length: 5 cm
– Width: 2cm
– Does NOT include batteries (Uses 2 AAA)
– Cleaning: Keep your toys clean with our Elixir Sex Toy Cleaner that protects toys and provides a longer lifespan.




Vibrating eggs are the discreet and small version of the vibrator. Regardless of its small size, it can reach quite powerful and exciting vibration levels.

When they first see this little vibrating egg, they often wonder how to use it? It is very easy to handle, you can use it to caress your erogenous zones: breasts, neck, mount of Venus, English, thighs to begin with and after moving on to genital zones: the clitoris or the testicles and the perineal area of the man (they also use them). use )
Also use it to enhance your orgasms during penetration.

The Clitoris is extremely sensitive and delicate due to all the nerve endings contained in this area, something that should not be forgotten when it comes to challenge, especially when you are with a partner, so always take this detail into account.
Thanks to all these endings, this part of the female body allows you to experience great pleasure, as long as it is gently stimulated. If the movements are sudden, in the end you will feel more discomfort or even pain instead of excitement and pleasure.

The limit is your imagination, you can use it in different sexual games, alone or accompanied, as a foreplay or to reach a pleasant orgasm.
This Vibrating Egg will be your company for more than one night.

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Blue, Gold, Purple, Silver


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