We-Vibe Match Vibrator


Ignite your life with multiple vibrations that both of you can enjoy with the We Vibe Match vibrator.

Match is a vibrator for couples that is used during sexual intercourse, it takes care of intense stimulation and powerful vibrations of both the G-spot and the clitoris.

How does it work

The slim shape of the G-spot stimulator is designed to fit comfortably inside the vagina. The flexible vibrator will stay in place while the penetration moves, so your hands are free to explore other erogenous zones.





Custom Remote Control
Double stimulation
The We Vibe Match vibrator is also rechargeable and can be charged in just 90 minutes for up to two hours in a row, its charge is magnetic and has a lithium polymer battery that allows Match to be waterproof, so you can enjoy your vibrator anywhere. like bathing or showering and it’s easy too de limpiar.
Size: 7.6cm lengthThe remote control allows you to select the intensity of vibration and the modes that are adjusted at the moment. Choose from 10 vibration modes and 10 intensity levels.



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