Vibrating Ring For The Poseidon Penis



This ring comes in Pink and Purple.

Details: In soft silicone, with a removable vibrating bullet. Battery life is approximately 50 minutes

Recommendations: Use elastic rings if you have planned to use it for a long time. Use lubricants to put them on and remove them. Shave pubic hair to avoid tangles or other interference. Measure the diameter of your penis well to choose the ring that best suits you. Opt for vibrating rings.

Cleaning: Since the vibrator of this ring can be removed, cleaning it is quick and easy. Keep your toys clean with our Elixir Sex Toy Cleaner.




The classic vibrating ring for beginners

This vibrating ring comes with a detachable vibrating bullet. Its classic but effective design allows pleasurable stimulation for yourself and your partner simultaneously.

Penis rings are to help maintain an erection during intercourse . There are rings that are placed on the base of the penis, others that in addition to the base, the scrotum and the testicles. Both types have the same function and here it just depends on which one you like better.

It works because the veins in the penis are closer to the surface than the arteries, putting some force on the penile tissue from the outside. At the time of the show, the sensation is more intense and has retarding effects .

You must put it when the penis is flaccid. Using a lubricant is recommended to make the day glide on more easily.

Do not use it for more than 30 minutes, as the blood has to be kept in circulation. Do not go to sleep with the position either, during sleep you can have an erection and not be conscious to remove it. If you feel pain, or discomfort, remove it immediately.

Discreet shipments to all Colombia.

What are you waiting for to try it?
The Vibrating Penis Ring can increase its size and girth.

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Pink, Purple


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