Wet® Original® Water Based Lubricant


A product with more than 20 years of history, with an improved formula, the best on the market.
Wet Original® is water-based, smooth, grease-free, does not stain and does not damage latex. This formula is a favorite for those who prefer a more viscous gel-like lubricant.

This clear, smooth formula feels silky on skin, with great long-lasting power. Wet Original® is made with pentylene glycol and potassium sorbate which have a low irritation index, so it is free of parabens, which can be related to irritation in people with allergies.




-Presentations:  30ml, 89ml and 148ml.
-Registration invima 2019DM-0020263
-Water based
-Free of parabens
-Recommended for all types of toys

In addition, it is perfect for the different hormonal stages of women, as it relieves dryness in her intimate area, providing a much longer lasting and silky lubrication. (Low estrogen levels; menopause; dyspareunia; vaginismus; pregnancy; childbirth and postpartum).

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30ml, 89ml


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